Lawrenceburg Lions Youth Baseball

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Lawrenceburg Lions Youth Baseball

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Please check a box below. All ages are as of May 1st. Please check the appropriate age group for your child based on his/her birthday. If you would like for your child to try out for the next division please state that in the special request box, as well as, any other special requests. For your child to try out to move up he/she must have played in their age division for at least one season. ALL players wishing to move up a division early are REQUIRED to be at try-outs. There is no guarantee that every child who tries to move up will. If you want your child to move up a division and they are not at try-outs they will be placed on a team in their age division. They will not move up.

All-Star Program

Please check the box below if you would like your child considered for the All-Star program. This program is a far more competitive program than the rec-league. Not all players will be selected for this program. There are NO guaranteed playing times. There is also a cost of up to $100.00 for each player if they are chosen to be on an All-Star team. All-Star players are expected to be at ALL practices and games for their team. The majority of the tournaments will require travel and some long days at a baseball field. PLEASE make sure this is right for your child and family before committing to the All-Star program. Players will be chosen through several different methods including, but not limited to: Try-outs, previous and/or current coach’s recommendation, observation of game play. Player’s will be chosen by several traits. Ability is not the only determining factor when these teams are chosen.

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